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 Defeat the Algorithm once and for all by getting your content directly in front of your audience. Download 12 done for you emails and use sales psychology to convert

launch and scale using nothing but email. bye instagram

no more 200 view reel jail. reel in sales all via email
contact, connect and convert your audience. for real.

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From Zillow to CEO.

I'm Dee, your neighborhood-friendly sales goddess. I turned my Zillow layoff into a layup, by launching The Sales Loft. I've spent a decade advising and scaling thousands of businesses, from Restaurants to Real Estate, and I'm going to show you how to do the same.

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The Sales Loft builds your sales strategy out of tech systems to streamline your sales cycle, generate leads and retain your customers. 
No more agonizing over your business while being on vacation. 
With our systems, we want you to have one hand on a wine glass and the other on your heart, not your iPhone. 

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How does "sold out" sound?

Stop trying to solve the online sales mystery, Dectective.  
Ready to have a waitlist for your services? 
Or, does "sold out" for your products sound better?
We implement the tech and automated systems you need to create die hard loyal customers, sold out products and an engaged social media following. 


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GENERATE LEADS ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND ACTUALLY CONVERT THEM. say goodbye to overwhelm and hi to revenue

content strategy, email templates, pitch decks, planners, e-books & community

ways to start systemizing your business, brand and your life.

If your goal is to launch or scale your business, create and perfect your personal brand all while making more money that will elevate your lifestyle, you're in the right place.
Sell anything, online using social media and more of it. 

It's time to enter your Successful on Social Era

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